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Common Causes of Overheating Engine

Common Causes of Overheating Engine

Your engine may be overheating because something is not good in your cooling system. In a normally functioning system the car should not be overheating, but in the case that your car is frequently overheating, then there may be something wrong i-e if one of the cooling hoses is cracked that you need to get checked.

If you are in a vehicle that is overheating, do not try to drive farther. Pull over, stop driving, and turn the vehicle off.

Water Pump Failed

The water pump is in the middle of the engine cooling system and is responsible for the constant distribution of water throughout the system, which helps to affect the flow of coolant. If the water pump is not working properly, the check engine light will turn on immediately.

Leaks Cooling System

Leaks are the main reason a vehicle starts to overheat. Leaks in the water pump, radiator hoses, thermostat housing, heater core, head gasket, gel plugs, and a few other things can all lead to problems with the vehicle's cooling system.

If you suspect any leak in the engine cooling system repair it immediately don’t wait to get it checked. A small leak can quickly turn into an expensive repair and a serious issue in a car.

Coolant Concentration

Just as the oil in your engine needs to be rechecked and should be in good condition, so does the engine coolant. You always want to use the right kind of coolant in your vehicle. Also, make sure that you use 50% antifreeze coolant and 50% distilled water in it. The wrong coolant or the wrong mixture of coolant and distilled water can cause your vehicle to overheat.

Bad Thermostat

Just like the thermostat in our home, the thermostat in a vehicle is needed to regulate engine temperatures, so it is essential to have the thermostat in perfect working condition so it keeps regular checks on the engine’s temperature. Sometimes the main reason for overheated engine is that the thermostat gets stuck in the closed position, so the coolant can no longer pass through and becomes overheated in the engine

Loose or Broken Belts

Make sure your belts are not too loose or broken because if the belt becomes loose or broken specifically the water pump belt, then the system will not be able to work at its right constant speed which may result in less coolant flow which in turn to overheated the engine.

Radiator And Fan Issues

Radiators and their fans help to reduce heat from the engine. Leaks and clogging can lead to your radiator failing and any disruption in the radiator’s function can lead to overheating.

Published On: 2020-10-16

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