Service for a customer who can’t import directly from Japan, Autocraft Chile can provide service to them as on the following condition.

  • After a successful purchase from, the customer can pay the invoice amount to AUTOCRAT CHILE and corresponded remittance charges. (50USD)

  • After shipment, BL will arrive at AUTOCRAFT CHILE. The customer has to pay the following charges.

    1. Local expenses of Bill of lading.

    2. Transportation charges from Iquique port to our Free Zone yard.

    3. AUTOCRAFT CHILE service commission charges.

      (Total charges a+b+c = 130USD)

  • Once the vehicle arrives in our yard, the customer has 02 free working days to pick up the vehicle from our yard, after these free days AUTOCRAFT CHILE will charge storage charges for deposit 05USD/day for a small vehicle and 07USD/day for a big vehicle.

  • If the customer wants the vehicle for CHILE (only Free Zone), Tax will be as additional charges, Tax will be applied depending on the vehicle.

  • Customer who want to buy from the direct auction but can't import, they need to have Deposit of Guaranty, Customer can pay guaranty to Autocraft Chile and corresponded remittance charges.