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Kia Motors is the second largest car manufacturing company in South Korea followed by Hyundai Motor Company. The headquarter is based in Seoul and over 33.9% are owned by Hyundai Motor Company. The Kia word is derived from Korean words which mean “to arise to the world from Asia”. The key person of the company is Hyoung-Keun (Hank) Lee who is successfully leading the company since August 2009.

Kia History

Kia is the oldest car manufacturer in Korea founded in 1994 as a steel tubing and bicycle parts producing company. The company started to build a complete bi-cycle in 1951 proceeding towards manufacturing motorcycles in 1957, trucks in 1962, and stepping into the car manufacturing business from 1974. The company inaugurated the first dedicated automotive assembly plant in 1973 which is called the Sohari Plant. Kia Cars are compact, excellently designed; perform with optimum speed and economical fuel consumption.


The unique corporate grille on used Kia cars for sale in Japan at the best price gives them a distinctive look. This grille, also known as the "Tiger Nose", is a trademark of the Korean automaker. Kia is the only supplier of military vehicles in South Korea thanks to the grille. That means it has been tested and proven to last. There is a Kia car for everyone, whether you need a compact car or an SUV.

Family Cars

Are you planning to buy a car for yourself or your family? If you live in the African countries or anywhere, you might be aware of the fact that cars of Kia motors are few of the most driven cars out here, and people love Kia for its great cars, which are available at very reasonable prices. This Korean automaker has a wide range of automobiles in varying styles and sizes to suit the requirements of all types of buyers. If you have decided to go with Kia and are looking for a good Kia dealer to buy used Kia cars for sale in Japan at the best price, you will not be disappointed as this place is home to very good auto dealers.

Buy From Dealer

Whatever car you buy, it is important to buy it from a good dealer, given the fact that you would be visiting the same dealer to claim a warranty, get your car maintained, repaired, etc. So, ensure that you buy your used Kia cars for sale in Japan from the best Kia auto dealer in Japan. These days, people are interested in buying used cars as much as new cars, given the fact that you can get used cars in great condition at very cheap prices.

Variety of Models

First, it is important to know about the fleet of cars that Kia has to offer so that you can analyze them and choose the one that suits you the best. The most popular used Kia cars for sale in Japan include Optima, Forte, and Sedona. Other than these three, the other successful Kia models include Cadenca, Soul, Sportage, etc.


The Stinger is one of the most popular models from the brand. Its 3.3-liter V-6 engine makes it the most powerful Kia. It's also one of the most expensive cars in Europe. There are several models of the K900 and the Stinger, but if you're looking for a sports car, consider getting the Stinger.


The K900 is the most expensive of the three models available in the market today. This model's MSRP starts at $59,900. That is approximately $16,000 on average. This is the most expensive Kia in Europe and comes with AWD. However, if you're looking for a luxury vehicle, you can opt for the Stinger instead. It is only $59,900 in price and comes with AWD.


The KX3 is the third most expensive car. This is the most expensive car worldwide. The KX3 is the most popular model in this range. The X5 is the smallest vehicle in this range. Its smaller sister, the Y8 is the smallest. The Kia i8 sports car is one of the most loved in the world. The name is the most appealing. It may be difficult to find in the US.


The K5 is a midrange model available in five trims. The K5 is a mid-range SUV and is a great choice for families with kids. The S8 is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable SUV. The K5 is a high-performance sedan with a 5,000-lb. This SUV is great for those who want versatility and space. Aside from this, it's also good for people with allergies.

Body Types

You can find many more Kia car models, falling under various categories such as hatchbacks, minivans, sedans, and SUVs with a good Kia dealer in Kennesaw GA. You can use the online ‘Find a car’ feature available on the website of the car dealer to find used Kia cars for sale in Japan at the best price that suits your requirements.

Various Categories

Used cars can be looked for under various categories such as ‘under $5,000’, pre-owned trucks, pre-owned minivans, certified pre-owned cars, etc. Certified pre-owned cars are the ones that are certified by Kia that the pre-owned car has been checked and repaired for all possible problems and the car can offer ideal performance. You need not waste time searching for a separate dealer who sells used Kia cars for sale in Japan.