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Used TOYOTA Corolla Axio G Cars For Sale in Japan

  • Make: TOYOTA   
  • Model: Corolla Axio G   
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Ac | Power steering | Abs | Power windows | Srs
Stock ID: ACJ-147514
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Toyota Corolla Axio G For Sale in Japan At Best Price

The Corolla Axio being a very much in demand stock has given multiple modifications to satisfy the taste of customers and to different customers with its diverse range. Though the basic shape altered with years, though Trim level differences do have uniqueness even in being common;

The Toyota Corolla Axio G package was first released in 2006 as a 1500 CC, front-wheel-drive chassis id DBA-NZE141, and four-wheel drive chassis id DBA-NZE144 in Continuously Variable Transmission. The four-wheel-drive gives grip on the road, while the two-wheel-drive gives fuel economy. With this positive point along with being a popular NZE stock, the car gained instant popularity.

Later in 2008 a new model of the Toyota Corolla Axio G package was launched with minor look enhancement and technology betterment. This was the same year when manual transmission 5-speed gearbox was launched in the front-wheel, front-engine. In 2009 the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) in the drive was released. To date, Toyota Corolla Axio G package is available in the market as a used Japanese car, a brand new one that was last released in 2011.

The car is in demand in Turkey, Trinidad, Srilanka, Russia, Pakistan, Mauritius, Jamaica, Barbados, Bangladesh, and Congo in the used car market. The brand new Toyota Corolla Axio G package generally comes in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Srilanka, America, Australia, and New Zealand. We can appropriately gauge the durability with the reliability of the Toyota Corolla Axio G package through its diverse market reach.

The Toyota Corolla Axio G package comes with standard features that make it an easy-to-handle car. The range of engine capacity in this car is from 1500 CC to 1800 CC giving a small engine advantage in this lavish car. Hence the fine balancing of body weight with engine capacity and strong suspension makes the Toyota Corolla Axio G package run quite smoothly on road. The car generally comes in Petrol, giving the engine a new life. As the Petrol car is much more mechanically sound leading to fewer maintenance charges.

The Toyota Corolla Axio G package comes in general colors of Silver, White, and Black satisfying those looking for all-purpose simple colors. The rare colors like Beige, Blue, Green, Wine, and Gold are there to satisfy those looking for unique colors. The interior is fully packed with Anti-lock Braking System, AC, Power Steering, Power Window, TV, Navigation and dual airbag so no matter you talk about safety or entertainment Toyota Corolla Axio G package premium-level performance lives up to everyone expectations.

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