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Honda Stream For Sale In Jamaica

  • Make: Honda   
  • Model: Stream   
  • Stock For: Jamaica   
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Honda Stream For Sale In Jamaica At Best Price

Trim Levels

The Honda Stream is available in six trim levels. The options you choose at the time of purchase will affect the interior trim level. Newer COE Honda Streams will likely have new interiors and infotainment systems installed. Look for a low mileage used Honda Stream for sale in Jamaica to get the best price. When buying used, it's also important to check for accidents or other problems.

Honda Stream Price In Jamaica

Many factors affect the Honda Stream price in Jamaica. Its technical and optical condition is highly influential. Here's a list of factors that influence the price of a Honda Stream used. The condition of the Stream's price in Jamaica will determine its deflation. The average price for a Honda Stream is $10,786 at thirty thousand kilometers. By ninety thousand kilometers, its value has decreased to $6,409 and by one hundred thousand kilometers, it has depreciated to just $3,006.


The Honda Stream's first generation is a five-seater. It features a distinctive streamlined design, red rear lights, and plenty of storage. Its interior has a contemporary look and a rich color palette. Production continues to the second generation. Its performance, price, and reliability make it one of the world's best compact family cars. Its specifications may not be as exciting as those of the newest models, but it is still one of the most popular choices for families.


A Honda Stream for sale in Jamaica is a minivan that is a great choice for families with two adults and two small children. The low cost of maintenance and the seven seats make this car an attractive choice. Depending on the engine size and specifications, Honda Stream engines come in a variety of sizes. The 1.7-liter engine is available or a 2.0i ES Sport engine with 156 hp. E10 compatibility is available for petrol engines. The top-end European model features a 158-hp, 2.0-liter iVTEC engine with variable valve timings and lift. This type of engine is a Honda staple for mid-range torque, and the i-VTEC valve control system advances inlet valve opening and alters the inlet cam position.


There are three Honda Stream trim levels. All of them offer high levels of refinement and are equipped with a high level of safety features. The Stream is equipped with Honda's i-VTEC engine, a new generation of cars that offers major improvements in fuel economy, emissions, noise levels, and other factors. Smooth power delivery at all speeds is possible with the i-VTEC engine. The car's cylinders have low displacement, which reduces fuel use and emissions.


The Honda Stream for sale in Jamaica has a practical and economical design. Although it isn't as powerful as other small cars, its performance is still pleasant. Its 1.8-liter engine feels extra weighty, especially compared to the FD1 civic, but the car is good over 3000rpm. It handles corners well, and the body roll is minimal. It does not have dual VTEC, but its engines are DOHC, which means they deliver good torque and performance.


The Honda Stream for sale in Jamaica, a compact MPV, was launched in April 2001. The mini MPV is a successor to the Honda Shuttle and was sold in three trim levels. Both models were powered by Honda VTEC engines. However, the reliability of the Honda Stream is often questioned by buyers, who find the car difficult to drive. While reliability has been an issue with some Stream models, others report that it is a great car for its size.

Safety Features

The new Honda Stream for sale in Jamaica has numerous safety features. G-CON technology, a Honda trademark increases the effectiveness of the side and front airbags. The wide-ranging Honda safety approach includes impact-absorbing technologies and Pedestrian injury reduction. Moreover, Honda's Stream is equipped with anti-lock brakes. Despite its compact size, the Honda Stream offers plenty of space inside. The new car also features a more luxurious interior and is available in a variety of colors.

Sporty MPV

The Honda Stream for sale in Jamaica is a sporty-looking MPV that seats seven passengers. This vehicle is designed for large families and is equipped with ample interior space and excellent handling. Compared to many MPVs, this one is also surprisingly affordable. Its cost depends on the model and mileage. This information is usually listed on the dashboard. The mileage you use will affect the amount. A Honda Stream with a low-mileage sticker will likely be more affordable than a similar model with high mileage.