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Mazda Bongo For Sale In Zimbabwe

  • Make: Mazda   
  • Model: Bongo   
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Mazda Bongo For Sale In Zimbabwe At Best Price


The Mazda Bongo is an all-around people carrier that's been in production since 1966. It has seen five generations, and 13 different badges have been applied to it around the globe. It has been sold under the Ford and Toyota brands. The first model used a rear-engine layout and shared its engines with the Familia small car lineup. By 1975, it was a completely new design with a front-engine layout and front-wheel drive.

Versatile Vehicle

The Mazda Bongo for sale in Zimbabwe at the best price is a versatile small vehicle that comes in many different engine and specification levels. You can choose from either a petrol or diesel engine. There are petrol and diesel models, with some being more fuel-efficient than others. Many models come with power steering, air conditioning, and power brakes. You can also get the four-wheel-drive version, which is great for families who love to camp and spend lots of time off the roads.


The Bongo was rebadged as the Nissan Vanette. The second-generation Bongo was introduced as the Nissan Familia AD Van. In 1999, Mazda teamed up with Nissan to build the fourth-generation model. The fourth-generation model was launched on July 17, 1999. The new model received a major facelift, as well as a completely new front. The Ministry of Transport approved the new vehicle as a new model.

Bongo Van

In June 1998, the next-generation Bongo was released. It was renamed the E-series van. Mazda created the high-concept Sky Lounge in 1985. It featured a microwave oven and a mobile telephone. The vehicle was prevented from becoming a canyon by the rising floor in the passenger compartment. The fourth-generation Bongo van is still in production today under different manufacturers. The third-generation Mazda Bongo truck for sale in Zimbabwe, the Bongo Friendee, was built on a smaller platform than the original Bongo Brawny. This MPV has a dedicated forum.

Popular Compact Vehicle

The Mazda Bongo for sale in Zimbabwe continues to live in the next generation. It will be built by Daihatsu, a rebadged version of the Indonesian-built GranMax minibus. The company has also produced many vans for other manufacturers. The successor, the Mazda Bongo available in many regions during the same model year, this was the final incarnation of the popular compact car.

Family Choice Vehicle

Daihatsu has been manufacturing the Bongo since 1998. However, Mazda did not officially announce the Bongo until the end. In Japan, the Bongo has been rebadged as a Mazda Access in the last few years. It is still a popular choice among young families and professionals. Mazda Bongo for sale in Zimbabwe at the best price is a great family car because of its low price, ease of use, and fuel efficiency. You can find one of them in the market today.


The Nissan Parkway has been rebranded as the second-generation Bongo model. It was rebadged in the United States as the Mazda Access in 1999. Although the name has been changed, the same engine is still in use. In the United States, the Bongo is marketed as the Mazda Access. It was later rebranded as a Nissan minivan in the United Kingdom. The third-generation model was rebadged as a Mazda Parkway. It was sold in the USA from 1996 to 1997.


Mitsubishi Motors rebadged the Bongo van and its companions in June 1998. In the US, the rebadged Bongos were sold under the name Mazda Access. Mazda stopped producing the Bongo in the US in March 2012. Other Japanese manufacturers produced the MPV during that time to compete with the Mazda-branded model. This new version features a more advanced drivetrain and a better braking system.

Advanced Features

The Mazda Bongo for sale in Zimbabwe is now obsolete, as Mazda could not afford to manufacture a new platform. The first version of Bongo had 90 PS while the second version had 79. Production of the Bongo ended in 1976. Due to the 1963 U.S. Federal Clean Air Act, Mazda had to comply with stricter emission regulations in 1977. While most models remained the same for ten years, later versions featured more advanced features such as separate front parking indicators lights and inertia reel seat belts.


The Bongo was first introduced in May 1966 as a small van with a 782 cc water-cooled OHVSA four-stroke engine. From 1967 to 1976, it was available in two versions. The first version was the FPA and featured a small rotary engine, while the second was a front-mounted OHVSA4-stroke engine. Mazda Bongo for sale in Zimbabwe is the only Japanese car with a rotary engine and the only one with a cylinder arrangement.