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Used Toyota Hilux For Sale In Lusaka Zambia

  • Make: Toyota   
  • Model: Hilux   
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Used Toyota Hilux For Sale In Lusaka Zambia At The Best Price


The sixth-generation Toyota Hilux was introduced in September 1997. The truck's engine was an all-new twelve 1.6-liter (1476 cc) unit with 89 hp at 5,400 rpm. It was fitted with a more powerful transmission and an independent front axle. It was the most powerful model in the line, and the extra cab had a long cargo bed. The cab's bulkhead was removed, which made the back cabin more spacious.

Best Selling Pickup Truck

The Toyota Hilux is still the best-selling pickup truck in the world. It has a solid reputation with owners thanks to the reliability of its engines and quality control. With a high-performance engine and a reliable, high-quality suspension, the Hilux is among the most reliable vehicles on the market. Although the truck is not perfect, it has more than enough power to compete with other models. However, some minor changes may make the used Toyota Hilux for sale in Zambia at the best price even more appealing.

Seventh Generation

The seventh-generation Hilux was built in South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, and Venezuela. It was the first Toyota pickup to be produced outside Japan. Due to these changes, the company developed optimal global production systems. The company's new model's engine was also built in Venezuela and Pakistan. Unlike its predecessors, the seventh-generation Hilux's production was performed in other countries in addition to its home country. This increased the company's global reach and allowed it to produce more models in fewer locations.


The Toyota Hilux's interior is based on IMV design. Its dashboard is composed of a tall, narrow center vent and a digital multi-information display. The vehicle has a long-thin roofline and flat front and rear wheel arches. The cabin is more refined than the previous versions, making it a more comfortable choice. The used Toyota Hilux for sale in Lusaka, Zambia is also available with rear seats that can be adjusted to fit any passenger.

Eighth Generation

The eighth-generation Toyota Hilux was introduced to the North American market in 1972. While it's no longer available in the US, it's still available in the UK for a reasonable price. Compared to Tacoma, the used Toyota Hilux for sale in Zambia is Toyota's most durable pickup. It's also one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles. Its diesel engines are not very powerful and are not popular in the United States.

Single and Double Cab

The used Toyota Hilux is for sale in Lusaka, Zambia selling in both double and single cab configurations. The single-cab version was the first to come with rear-wheel drive. In 1981, Toyota had partnered with two other vehicle body manufacturers to make SUVs based on the Hilux. The first model was based on a modified Tacoma chassis and featured a cab in the middle. Earlier versions of the Toyota had seats in the back, but the four-wheel-drive models were more comfortable and spacious.


The eighth generation of the Toyota Hilux came in two versions. The second-generation model had an all-wheel-drive layout. The third-generation model used a rear-wheel-drive chassis and a front-wheel-drive setup. The fifth-generation Hilux had two-wheel-drive capabilities. The fifth-generation Hilux featured a wheel arch flare and integrated window sashes. Its dimensions were identical to the previous generation, but the engine was larger.


Despite the many advantages of the used Toyota Hilux for sale in Zambia, it has not yet been launched in America. It is still a popular pick-up in Europe and the rest of the world. But it isn't in the market for sale in the United States, where the 25% tariff will make the car pricey. The newest model, the Invincible, is the highest-end model. It has perforated leather seats, Bluetooth, and an 8.0-inch multimedia screen. The car's audio system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


The used Toyota Hilux for sale in Zambia is available in a wide variety of trim levels. The base model costs just $7,000, while the luxurious SR5 4x4 double-cab costs almost double. The truck has a lot of features and is the perfect workhorse for most people. If you want a new one, you can always go to the Toyota of North Carolina. The dealership is located at 13429 Statesville Road.

Deluxe Vehicle

The first Hilux was a rear-wheel-drive model with a front-wheel-drive option. This model had a front-wheel-drive option, which was the only variant offered in the United States. The Toyota Hilux's name was different in other markets, and it had a similar name as the Toyota Land Cruiser. It has a 1.6-liter inline-four engine and is also called the "Super Deluxe".