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Revolutions of Automotive Industry

Revolutions of Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is currently experiencing three simultaneous revolutions: first, the electric car; second, the autonomous and connected car; and third, digital mobility.

Now the car is no longer confined to stereotypically limited freedom in the concept of mobility, as it is your gateway to entertaining the urge to travel with thrill and excitement. Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we live and spend time and is now bringing a revolution in onboard technologies. We are all aware of the phenomenon called digital transformation. It is prevalent all over the world in almost all areas, including cars. The automotive industry revolution has revealed that it will soon be EASCY.

EASCY The Future of the Automotive Industry

The future of the automotive industry is going to be EASCY. But what does the term EASCY mean?

EASCY is Electrified, Autonomous, Shared, Connected, and ‘Yearly’ Updated.


Cars are rapidly moving away from traditional fuels. While hydrogen fuel vehicles are in development, it is electric cars and plug-in hybrids are expected to be the future of the automotive industry.


Automotive technology is moving towards autonomous cars means self-driving cars. There are different levels of automation, and the levels start from 0 to 5 where level 0 means no automation at all, and level 5 means full automation (a vehicle that does not need a driver).


Over the past few years, many big-city have offered Vehicle sharing facilities while these are presently often run as pilot projects or citizen initiatives, the coming years will witness sharing as a concept that is more economically valuable with the introduction of autonomous.


Today's vehicles are more computers than cars. They have high processing power, in a few years vehicle processing power is higher than the computers. They are connected, whether to the Internet, to the traffic management infrastructure, or even from one vehicle to another.

‘Yearly’ Updated

Smart vehicles will regularly update their software. They will also be able to monitor their health and make maintenance appointments, if necessary.

Published On: 2020-10-16

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